Join the Stahl for All Campaign Kick Off! 

Join me on January 5th in Prescott for our 2020 campaign kick off party! (and my 60th birthday!) I'm excited to run for the Arizona State House in this critical election year. I will represent your values in the State House, while bringing this District together. Your financial contribution will help this grassroots campaign fulfill our plans. Together, we will win.

Please Note: The suggested donation is $60 for this campaign fundraiser birthday celebration. Your presence is the most important gift to us. Those of you who cannot contribute are still invited to attend. Those of you who cannot attend are still invited to contribute. Let’s all remember what is at stake here. And let’s have fun!  


Send Judy to the Arizona House!


Together we can make it happen. Volunteer for the Stahl Campaign.


Send Judy to the Arizona House!

Meet Judy

A Prescott resident since 1992, Judy is a business owner, educator, mother, and engaged citizen. She has been a hands-on healthcare professional for decades, including five years working with pediatric oncology patients. Judy owns the Prescott Center for Massage Therapy and provides continuing education to professional massage therapists nationally.

Judy was a prime mover in the campaign to create Arizona state licensure for the massage therapy profession. She is a breast cancer survivor, an athlete, and a strong supporter of theatre and the Arts. Judy is prepared to bring all of her skills, abilities, resolve, and patience to represent ALL of the residents of LD1 in the Arizona House.

Leave us your email and we'll keep you posted on Judy's run for the AZ House in 2020. 


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