Daily Social Media Actions:

Show your support for Judy with these 10-minute actions and let’s build local, state-wide and national support for this campaign!  

Connect with Social Media everyday to support #StahlForAll and tag Judy's campaign: 

Twitter: @judy_stahl

Facebook: Judy Stahl for AZ House, @stahlforall

Instagram: @stahlforall

Movement Building Monday: Connect with three friends and tell them why you are supporting Judy Stahl. Invite them to get involved, through the newsletter or volunteering. Let’s build local, state-wide, and national support for this campaign. Yes, we CAN be a blue wave that turns the tide in Arizona.

Talk Back Tuesday: Message us! Tweet us! Respond to a post on our social media pages! What change do you want to see in Arizona, in LD1? What issues are most important to you this election cycle? We want to hear from you. Use #StahlForAll

We Can Wednesday: Write a one to two sentence statement on why you support Judy Stahl for LD 1. Include a picture! Send to info@judystahl.com or post on social media and tag the campaign page.  

Transformation Thursday: Look at legislative updates, connect with a local organization, and call or send a letter to your current elected officials to advocate for an issue important to you. Keep us in the loop, shoot us a message or use the hashtag #StahlForAll to tell us what issues are important to you.

Five Dollar Friday: Can you contribute $5 to help get Judy Stahl elected and make sure our values are represented in the AZ House? Can you invite 5 friends to each contribute $5 and join our movement? 

Single Shot Saturday: Our pathway to winning is clear. We need everyone to vote for Judy Stahl and only Judy Stahl. If you vote for another candidate in the General election as well, you inadvertently cancel out your vote for her because you increase their chance of being one of the top two that win. Uplift this message: Make your vote count double! Vote only Judy Stahl for LD1 this year.  

Share Your Joy Sunday: Post a picture or video on social media (or email us) of something that brings you joy in your home or nature to celebrate this place we live and our community. Share something that you want to see for LD1 (or for Arizona and our country) going forward and use the hashtag #StahlForAll.