Arizona needs to be bold. Creating jobs and economic opportunity means assessing needs and capacity for growth and looking to new and burgeoning technologies to move Arizona into the future. 

It also means poring over outdated tax and regulatory legislation and crafting new legislation that supports small businesses and entrepreneurship.

Judy Stahl talks about the importance of an economy that keeps young people in Prescott
Judy Stahl talks about COVID-19's effect on the economy
What does an economically strong Arizona of the future look like?
  • A state that is the main supplier of solar energy both within and without its borders. With its natural beauty and abundance of sun, Arizona is in a unique position to embrace and profit from renewable energy, green jobs and ecotourism. 

  • A go-to state for small businesses. We need to adjust the tax system and remove loopholes to reduce the burden for small businesses and require large corporations to pay their fair share.

  • A home for high tech businesses, including those in the medical field. We need to develop incentives to attract new companies in these fields and continue to grow the aerospace industry.

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