My children attended PUSD schools at a time when I didn’t have to worry that teachers might not be certified, that too many students would be assigned to one teacher or that buildings were deteriorating.  We have a crisis on our hands when our children are denied the education they need to move themselves—and our Democracy—forward. Recent statistics indicate that close to 1500 teaching positions remained unfilled almost two months into the 2019 school year.

What does a strong education system look like?
  • Nationally competitive salaries for teachers

  • Fully-funded all-day kindergarten

  • Rigorous certification requirements for all classroom teachers

  • Capital improvement funds for building maintenance

  • Requirements for transparency in the use of public funds for charter schools

You Asked: What about sex education in our schools?

Providing accurate, age-appropriate information on sexual health is the very best way—the proven way-- to keep children safe from disease, abuse and pregnancy. Sex education is an important part of school curricula and should begin before middle school. We can’t wait until then to begin addressing sexual health when children as young as eleven are engaging in sexual activity and even younger children are the targets of predation. Arming children with the facts that will protect them as they get older is key to enabling them to make the right and safe decisions regarding their sexuality. If we are to vanquish baseless misconceptions that breed fear, intolerance, and hate, then sex education must include discussion of sexual diversity and identity.

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