Arizona is a stunning patchwork of varied landscapes in both arid and semiarid regions, every inch of which deserves legal protections that will not only ensure its beauty and viability, but also guarantee a sustainable future for Arizonans.
Safeguarding our precious water resources, integrating environmental responsibility into economic policy and preserving Arizona’s natural splendor are critical to Arizona’s prosperity, and as your State Representative from LD1 I will work tirelessly to achieve these goals.
How do we increase sustainable practices in our community?
  • Reducing dependence on fossil fuels by transitioning to biofuel and other green energy sources

  • Improving solar energy infrastructure to take advantage of sunshine we find so plentiful in Arizona for both our residents and as an export to other states

  • Make renewable energy a smart economic decision for families and businesses by placing incentives at the forefront

  • Clarify and enforce Arizona water law that puts conservation first and create incentives for businesses and local governments to conserve water

  • Protect natural sites such as the Granite Dells from industrial encroachment

  • Use state park designations as a tool to conserve lands for the benefit of residents and tourists to witness these wonders and for animals and plants that make their home there.

Judy Stahl talks about the importance of Green Energy
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