I have been a health care provider and am also a breast cancer survivor with firsthand knowledge of the emotional and financial issues facing individuals and families dealing with serious illness.

The dual perspectives of treating patients and being a patient have impressed upon me the urgent need for substantial reforms in the delivery of health care.

What does accessible, affordable health care look like? 
  • A cap on prescription drug costs

  • A public option plan that includes an immediate buy-in safety-net for those who lose their employer provided insurance

  • A simplification of the paperwork that burdens health care providers and increases costs for patients

  • No hidden hospital/emergency room out-of-network fees

  • Regulation of hospital fees for procedures and tests to ensure price equilibrium across Arizona

  • Online medical services for rural communities

  • School nurses on all K-12 campuses

  • Social workers/psychotherapists on all high school campuses

Resources & Additional Reading

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