Affordable health care, fully-funded public education, and economic prosperity are the bedrocks of strong communities. Businesses need an educated workforce and a thriving population with purchasing power to succeed, and residents rely on top-notch health care and great schools to raise their families and keep the cycle of prosperity going.
This is why these interdependent issues are so important and why I will focus on them as a candidate and work tirelessly to achieve them as your Representative from LD1. 


My children attended PUSD schools at a time when I didn’t have to worry that teachers might not be certified, that too many students would be assigned to one teacher or that buildings were deteriorating.  We have a crisis on our hands when our children are denied the education they need to move themselves—and our Democracy—forward. Recent statistics indicate that close to 1500 teaching positions remained unfilled almost two months into the 2019 school year.

What does a strong education system look like?
  • Nationally competitive salaries for teachers

  • Fully-funded all-day kindergarten

  • Rigorous certification requirements for all classroom teachers

  • Capital improvement funds for building maintenance

  • Requirements for transparency in the use of public funds for charter schools


Arizona needs to be bold. Creating jobs and economic opportunity means assessing needs and capacity for growth and looking to new and burgeoning technologies to move Arizona into the future. 

It also means poring over outdated tax and regulatory legislation and crafting new legislation that supports small businesses and entrepreneurship.

What does an economically strong Arizona of the future look like?
  • A state that is the main supplier of solar energy both within and without its borders. With its natural beauty and abundance of sun, Arizona is in a unique position to embrace and profit from renewable energy, green jobs and ecotourism. 

  • A go-to state for small businesses. We need to adjust the tax system and remove loopholes to reduce the burden for small businesses and require large corporations to pay their fair share.

  • A home for high tech businesses, including those in the medical field. We need to develop incentives to attract new companies in these fields and continue to grow the aerospace industry.


I have been a health care provider and am also a breast cancer survivor with firsthand knowledge of the emotional and financial issues facing individuals and families dealing with serious illness.  The dual perspectives of treating patients and being a patient have impressed upon me the urgent need for substantial reforms in the delivery of health care.

What does accessible, affordable health care look like? 
  • A cap on prescription drug costs

  • A public option plan that includes an immediate buy-in safety-net for those who lose their employer provided insurance

  • A simplification of the paperwork that burdens health care providers and increases costs for patients

  • No hidden hospital/emergency room out-of-network fees

  • Regulation of hospital fees for procedures and tests to ensure price equilibrium across Arizona

  • Online medical services for rural communities

  • School nurses on all K-12 campuses

  • Social workers/psychotherapists on all high school campuses

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