Life Change

My feline companion of 18 years crossed the rainbow bridge on August 3rd. Blaze was a prince of a cat. A Maine Coon, he never failed to bring me into the present moment and give me peace in my heart. He was an immeasurable gift to me, day in and day out. He has an everlasting place in my heart. Blaze, I loved him and I always will.

Blaze’s passage marks another turning point in my life. For the first time in over 32 years, there is no other being to whom I am accountable for making sure their daily needs are met. Blaze’s needs were few and uncomplicated. Never a burden, he was the most Zen of cats. Now, I am free to make decisions based on my own desires without regard for children or pets. As a young woman, I lived to be footloose and fancy free. I believe those days will come again, but not today.

The Arizona Primary election was August 4th. The results for my campaign reveal a strong showing-- a victory-- in my uncontested primary. Even though I was already assured of getting through to the general election, the voters of LD1 showed up for me. They brought in thousands of votes for me, leaving me well placed for the next ‘round’. We have less than three months until the general election!

It is an honor to be running for public office in Arizona, a true battleground state. In 2020, life is not meant to be lived on the sidelines. In fact, in 2020, you either do the work to get a seat at the table or you may find yourself on the serving tray. Leadership, service, transparency. This is what I will bring to office when elected. 

As for the details of lawmaking, I will bring together stakeholders with a diversity of viewpoints to hash out priorities. There is something so quintessentially human in convening people to engage in healthy discussion about the issues that affect us daily and for the future. I give you my word that the decisions I make and the policies I champion will be based on the evidence, the facts, the science, the truth, and will always be guided by that which is in the best interests of all.

The Primary results reveal that my vision of the future will present a clear contrast to my two general election opponents. They are both extreme right wing Republicans. Times have changed in Legislative District 1. Previously, Republicans here were not so right wing. There are many folks here who are still not right wing. Many of these folks find it difficult to speak up for fear of how their views will affect their business interests and their personal relationships. All of you who care about all of us and our shared American values are welcome to join with me, join with us. We are many more than you may realize! I am committed to representing everyone in my district, with my feet on the ground, an eye to the future, creating a healthy, functional, caring world now and for generations to come. My sweet Blaze would definitely approve.

"In 2020, life is not meant to be lived on the sidelines. In fact, in 2020, you either do the work to get a seat at the table or you may find yourself on the serving tray."

Blaze, my Zen Prince. 2002 - 2020

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