My Dream Team

By Judy Stahl, M.A., LMT

Every Wednesday morning the members of my team gather for our weekly Campaign Huddle. The Huddle is a time to check in to learn where we find ourselves today. It is the chance for all who attend to share about what is happening in their areas of accountability for the campaign. Team members can ask questions, bring up challenges, make suggestions, share successes, and consider ideas. Together, the group discovers solutions and new campaign actions that move us forward to victory.

My team members bring together all the necessary skills to create and execute a terrific campaign for public office. The dedication, time, and effort that each person contributes is humbling. Most of these beautiful people are fulfilling tasks that would be very difficult and, in some cases, downright impossible for me to dream of taking on. My personal commitment to this team is that we each get more out of this experience than what we put into it. Our team is focused on winning this election. I, as the captain of the team, am focused on making sure that the experience of campaigning reflects the gratitude that I have for the contributions that each team member makes. I am committed to this being a joy, even amidst the hard work.

While we each come from our unique life experiences with diverse backgrounds, there is no question but that we are united in a common goal: to bring needed change to Arizona’s First Legislative District. As those of you who live in this district know, this is a daunting task. Nevertheless, we are confident, prepared, and bursting with ideas to inspire people to get involved and support this campaign.

We have team members who are brilliant at creating fun and effective strategies to get our message out, in an era when traditional campaigning now seems like a distant memory. Just today, we put our first post on Twitter and Instagram for a new promotion, #PawsForStahl. Maggie, the Bernese Mountain dog, just turned one year old and is excited to share her enthusiasm for electing Judy to the state house! We have fun, quick-n-easy ‘Daily Social Media Actions’ for every day of the week. Today is ‘We Can Wednesday’ where we ask you to get involved by posting a couple of sentences on your social media about why you support me to be an elected leader. You can even include a picture. We’d love to see your shining face, or maybe your beautiful pet. Include our hashtag #StahlForAll.

The contributions of my team are the reason why we will win this campaign. We are— and will continue to be— all over the internet; we are committed to being available to you. I invite you to join or host a fundraiser or a meet-n-greet for me. We will set you up and moderate a virtual house party from the comfort of everyone’s home. When it is safe to gather as a group, we will be there. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love and greatly benefit from being with people.

Tomorrow will be one month since my partner Steve’s dear mother died of the Covid-19 virus. These are not easy days. Yet, in my campaign team, we have a common mission, we have the skills and abilities to make sure that we promote this campaign effectively, and we are dedicated to improving the lives of the citizens of our district. Working on our common mission brings rewards on many levels. This team is strong and growing. We would love to have you join!

"While we each come from our unique life experiences with diverse backgrounds, there is no question but that we are united in a common goal: to bring needed change to Arizona’s First Legislative District."

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