Sane Leadership and Public Health

Congratulations to New Zealand! 100 days without a single Covid case. While they have now had their first new case in 102 days, there is no question that they have succeeded in addressing and suppressing the virus.This nation has demonstrated to the entire world what can be achieved when competent leadership provides truthful information and works in partnership with the people to protect lives. What NZ has accomplished should be held up for all to behold!

There is no denying the positive outcome. Why has the US not followed these practices? Since when did distrust/disregard/disbelief of science become a significant factor in crafting public policy in this country? Government’s number one job is to protect the public. When a novel coronavirus appeared, leadership in New Zealand listened to the science. They activated their scientists, researchers, medical professionals, and public health officials. After all, they are the experts.  NZ’s coordinated effort, with full governmental support, put everyone on the same page. The goal: protecting the health and well-being of all. How is it that in this country, we have missed out on the obvious? There’s no way to solve this pandemic without a UNIFIED approach.  I’m sad that leadership in the US did not take command of the pandemic response from the beginning to protect our country. Those who say it couldn’t have been done here lack imagination/vision. If we had the POLITICAL WILL, we would have suppressed this virus months ago. The incompetence of national/state leadership has stunned me. However, I am now weary of my outrage. Personally, I’m less interested in who has been wrong, regarding our incoherent national response to this virus, and more interested in coming together to solve the problem. This will involve determination to stick with the difficult conversations and come to consensus about facts and a solid plan of action to restore quality of life with consideration for everyone. I am running for office because I believe that I can be a part of the solution. Regarding a novel coronavirus, the science MUST be respected. Everyone: vote for positive change in this country. New leadership is needed to help us heal and recover. Public health  MUST come first.The economy, education, and social engagement follow. 

"The incompetence of national/state leadership has stunned me. However, I am now weary of my outrage."

Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand

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