Election Day
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Vote “Single Shot” for Judy Stahl to Bring Balance to LD-1 


As the common ground candidate, Judy is running to bring balance to LD-1. In order for her to win, we need you to vote “Single Shot.” When you cast your ballot this November, vote for Judy Stahl and leave your other vote blank. This will help increase Judy’s vote share by pulling votes away from the other candidates. Help us win and vote Single Shot for Stahl!


Commit to Vote for Judy Stahl


Voter Protection Hotline:

1-833-Vote4AZ (1-833-868-3429)

Available 7 days/week 8AM-8PM, if someone doesn’t answer you can leave a message and they will call back ASAP

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Need a ride to an Official Voting Ballot DropBox or to vote in person at the County Recorders Office? 
The Yavapai Democrats are offering FREE rides to the polls.

In Prescott 
Marion Pack: 928-642-6788 
or leave a message at 928-541-0413

Leave your name and phone number and someone will call you to make arrangements for your ride.

Passengers must be masked and must place their ballot in the box themselves. Drivers will wear a mask; cars will be sanitized between trips.
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Find Your Closest Polling Place 


Register to Vote, Update Registration, or Sign-Up for Permanent Early Voting


Request a one-time early ballot 

Voting Centers 

Beginning October 7th, Voters can either drop off a completed ballot or vote early in person at any voter center in the county where you are registered. 


Maricopa County Voting Centers 

Yavapai County Voting Centers

County Recorder Contact 

Maricopa County 

Phone - 602-506-1511

Fax - 602-506-5112

TDD - 602-506-2348

Email: voterinfo@risc.maricopa.gov

Website: http://recorder.maricopa.gov/elections


Yavapai County

Phone - 928-771-3244

Fax - 928-771-3258

TDD - 928-771-3530

Email (registration): 


Email (polling locations): 


Website: http://www.yavapai.us/recorder